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Since 1993, the Turoci Bankruptcy Firm has been assisting its devoted clients as they navigate the bankruptcy process. Todd Turoci founded this firm 30 years ago after identifying a need in the Chino Hills region for a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who specializes exclusively in this crucial and challenging legal area. Mr. Turoci has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of bankruptcy law, and he is always learning new strategies for assisting his clients. Meredith Jury joined our highly skilled team after working as a bankruptcy judge for more than 20 years. Together, Turoci, Jury, and their staff make up a formidable group that is adept at supporting and advising customers through any financial difficulty or civil litigation issue. Our amazing paraprofessionals, who we believe to be the greatest in the field, beautifully round out our team.

Our locally owned, locally operated firm is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We are in a unique position to aid our neighbors and guide you through one of the most stressful and unpredictable experiences of your life. We have fought tirelessly to earn our stellar reputation, and we would welcome the chance to demonstrate how we distinguish ourselves from other bankruptcy law firms in Chino Hills. It’s time to get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer at the Turoci Bankruptcy Firm if you want to meet with a helpful attorney to go over your many debt relief options, if you’ve been researching bankruptcy but aren’t sure how to proceed, or if you’ve already decided bankruptcy is the answer to your financial problems.

What Are the Chapters of Bankruptcy?

We’ve all heard of bankruptcy, but you may not be familiar with the fact that there are actually many different bankruptcy chapters. Each chapter is distinct from the others in its own specific ways, and some are more frequently filed than others – for instance, chapters 7 and 13 are the two most common. Your knowledgeable Chino Hills bankruptcy attorney is here to assist you in determining which chapter would be ideal for you, but it’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many chapters.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an option for certain individuals and businesses who want to split their debt payments into more reasonable chunks or to receive an extension on their payment plan, all without facing asset liquidation. This type of bankruptcy can allow you to maintain control of your possessions and hold onto your freedom, but it also allows you to manage your debt in a realistic way. Finding a knowledgeable Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer is essential because this sort of bankruptcy calls for a lot of time, work, and comprehension of technical legal jargon.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is incredibly unique compared to the other chapters, but the most trusted bankruptcy attorney near you is here to explain it all. With this type of bankruptcy, obligations are restructured to make them more manageable for your company. While it may seem like a simple and straightforward process, meticulous planning and debt restructuring are actually very involved. It is imperative to seek the counsel of an experienced Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney because they can give you advice, assist you in organizing and gathering information, assist you in submitting a bankruptcy petition, and lead you through the entire bankruptcy process, which includes meetings with creditors, proposals for reorganization plans, hearings, the start of payment plans, and finally, returning to your daily life.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Debt is discharged when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and assets or property are sometimes used to pay creditors. This kind of bankruptcy enables you to completely eliminate your debt, regardless of whether you’re having trouble paying your credit card, civil court judgment, medical bill, rental lease, personal loan, collection agency, or utility bill debt. If debt is overwhelming you and you need to come up with a plan, bankruptcy is likely to seem like the ideal solution. However, it’s essential to have an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney on your side to support you at every step. Certain factors must be considered, and certain indebted individuals can take another route to pursue debt relief without filing for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy process can be a little overwhelming. First, a petition will be presented. A complete list of your assets and debts will be described in great detail in the petition. Your final bankruptcy discharge should occur three months after the hearing, and a trustee will work during the hearing to protect your assets and negotiate with the creditors. Your personal liability will be eliminated after your bankruptcy is completed, and all of your prior debts will be discharged. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will be happy to help you decide if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you, go over the benefits and drawbacks with you, and support you throughout the entire process.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 bankruptcy might be a great option for a very specific group of business owners. This kind of bankruptcy may be your best choice if you own a family-owned farming or fishing company. With Chapter 12 bankruptcy, individuals and families can come up with a practical debt repayment plan that allows for more manageable payments over a longer duration. Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, your debts will be forgiven, creditors won’t be able to contact you, there won’t be any more threats of repossession, and you’ll be given a clean slate. Because this type of bankruptcy is only available to a very small group of business owners, it’s important to contact a well-versed Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer to help you determine whether or not you qualify.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you might not know where to start, especially if you also have a difficult farming or fishing business to manage. Your Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney will take care of all the challenging components of the process, respond to all of your inquiries, assist you in deciding whether filing is the best course of action for you, and guide you every step of the way so that you can regain financial independence.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your first step should be to find a certified bankruptcy specialist to help you along the way. Additionally, you will need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who will fight for you and your assets rather than letting debt collectors take advantage of you. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop foreclosure proceedings, pay back debts gradually, cease collection calls from creditors, and get rid of onerous debt so that you can finally move on.

The process of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves multiple steps. Throughout the procedure, your dependable Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will be by your side, supporting you with everything from gathering financial information to submitting applications to testifying in court and more. We won’t let you get caught up in the legalese and paperwork associated with bankruptcy – instead, your knowledgeable Chino Hills bankruptcy lawyer and our friendly team will address all of your concerns and give you all the support you need. We won’t allow you to feel scared, helpless, or confused because we genuinely want to help.

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Chapter 9 bankruptcy is designed for groups of people, otherwise known as “municipalities,” who are seeking to reorganize their debt management. In most cases, debts can be repaid or refinanced with the help of deadline extensions. In certain circumstances, interest and/or principal balances can also be decreased. Your assets will not be revoked with this type of bankruptcy, and every member of the affected town, city, school district, county, or tax district will be able to collectively seek legal representation to find a viable way to repay and manage debt.

Without the assistance of an experienced Chapter 9 bankruptcy lawyer, the process of filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy and getting out from under your debt burden can be a difficult one. Only after specific conditions have been met – such as confirmations of repayment and a debt management plan, official court confirmation that the securities will legally satisfy your debt obligations, and receipt and disbursement of the deposit by an agent designated by the court – can debt be discharged. This procedure necessitates a number of steps, but it can be made simpler, more doable, and less stressful if you work with a reputable Chapter 9 bankruptcy attorney from the Turoci Bankruptcy Firm.

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