Credit Counseling Services in Los Angeles

California Bankruptcy Attorney
Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy? The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm can help. Our Los Angeles credit counseling attorneys include a certified bankruptcy specialist. We have offices in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Victorville, but offer online services for residents throughout Southern California. Whatever your situation, our dedicated and experienced attorneys can provide the legal counsel and representation you need.

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Bankruptcy—Credit Counseling
Each of our potential clients is required by law to participate in a pre-filing debt management counseling session. There are several ways that make it easy for you to fulfill this requirement, including online sessions you can take at your convenience. We will recommend the best counseling services for your unique set of circumstances.

Leveraging Opportunities for You
You may be in a position to use some of your high-value assets in settling your debts. We will help you discover the best ways to leverage your real estate or home equity as a possible solution. Individuals filing for bankruptcy must receive credit counseling before being eligible to file for bankruptcy.

Credit counseling offers many benefits that will help you on the road to financial freedom. Also, counseling is where you will learn about options such as consolidating your debt into one monthly payment. Through credit counseling, you can receive advice about your current financial situation and discuss ways to improve your financial future.

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