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Fight Back Against Abusive Creditors
There is no form of harassment in our society that anyone would actually welcome, but perhaps one of the worst and most pervasive types is the harassment that comes from creditors. In order to protect you from sinister behavior and sometimes even illegal cases of harassment by creditors, the government designated the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA) and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Unfortunately, many collection groups or creditor agencies will not follow these laws, either due to sheer ignorance, desperation, or even pure greed for your finances.

When you have been continually hassled by a collection agency or repossession official, or experiencing any other form of harassment at the hands of a creditor, you need someone to stand up to defend you from such injustice. That is exactly what The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm aims to provide. Our creditor harassment attorneys in Los Angeles are fully equipped to fight your cause.

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Most Common Ways Creditors Violate the Law
In order to safeguard small business owners and individuals being hounded by creditors, the CFDCPA has set clear guidelines restricting creditors from behaving in a certain manner.

Some of the most significant regulations protecting you from creditor harassment include restrictions against:

  • Using Threatening Tone or Language: If a debt collection agency or an individual creditor uses aggressive, intimidating, or threatening language against you, they are committing an illegal act. Even using such abrasive tones under the guise of polite language is a complete violation against both state and federal laws. Keep track of all these communications, both oral and written, direct or subtle. Make sure to collect evidence in the form of printed copies or audio recordings and transcripts to be used in court.
  • Extensive Communications: If a debt agency is constantly heckling you with excessive phone calls, emails, or texts, this is a big problem, and illegal under the CFDCPA. Creditors are also never allowed to call you outside of normal working hours. Record any times that creditors have contacted you late at night or early in the morning. If creditors try to contact you after you have attorney representation, this is illegal as well.
  • Dishonest Representation: Sometimes creditors will misrepresent their reason for contacting you, or even initially hide the agency they represent, all in order to find out more information from you and eventually harass you into paying them. Any direct deceit as well as mere “omission” constitutes examples of harassment.

What To Do If Creditors Are Harassing You
If you are facing relentless abuse and harassment from creditors, there are several things you should do:

  • Ask to verify the debt. Debt collectors must provide you with information about your debts and the creditor so you have the chance to verify the validity of the debt, or dispute it if it is incorrect.
  • Document your communications. Keep records of all of your correspondence, including every call, text, and written communication. All of these records can help to show evidence of illegal debt collection practices.
  • Contact an attorney. Your attorney can go over your options to resolve your debts, either through bankruptcy or another alternative. Your attorney can also help you take legal action against abusive creditors to hold them accountable for violating the law.

We recommend taking action immediately before the abuse gets worse. You have rights, so talk to an attorney to help protect you.

Protecting Your Rights Against Creditor Abuse
Here at The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm, we are completely committed to making sure you aren’t mistreated by creditors. You are already going through enough financial stress, and you do not deserve to be heckled by debt collection agencies. Providing complete privacy and integrity, our creditor harassment attorneys in Los Angeles are ready to defend your rights.

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