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If you are struggling to pay back your debts, bankruptcy might be a good option. However, bankruptcy is not always the best solution for a person in debt. Prior to filing for bankruptcy, it is wise to explore all of your options for getting relief from your debt. At The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm, our Los Angeles bankruptcy alternative lawyers can help you find the right solution for your unique situation.

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Bankruptcy Alternatives for Disputed Debts
If a creditor is suing you and you do not believe payment on the debt is justified, then you may be able to defend yourself against the creditor’s action. There are situations where there may be a dispute over whether a debt is owed.

For example, a contractor hired for home improvement arranges a mortgage loan to pay for the job, but then does substandard work or does not complete the job. Similarly, falsified transactions to buying a car or some other major purchase can lead to a disputed debt. In such cases, fighting the debt in court may be your best solution.

If you have been contacted by a creditor for a debt that you don’t recognize or is higher than the amount you owe, you have the right to dispute the debt. This must be done within 30 days of the initial communication received from the debt collector. This will put a stop to all collection activities until the agency provides the required verification. A failure to dispute the debt in writing within 30 days could result in a loss of certain rights. If you have been contacted by a debt collector and want to dispute the debt, contact The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm for reliable legal support through every stage of the legal process.

Bankruptcy Alternatives for Non-Disputed Debts
If you do not dispute the debt, potential bankruptcy alternatives include:

  • Informal Payment Agreements: For debts that are reasonably small, debtors are often able to establish an informal payment agreement with their creditors to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Credit counseling can be extremely useful when seeking to create such arrangements.
  • Debt Refinancing: Debt consolidation loans allow a debtor to keep up with their monthly bills. Although the loan will not eliminate the debt, it can benefit the individual by having lower interest rates and a longer maturity. However, there could be some risks involved, since consolidating unsecured debts like credit card debts into a mortgage loan may render a debt unable to be eliminated in bankruptcy. Be sure to consult with an experienced legal team prior to deciding to refinance your debts.
  • Financial Assistance Programs: Under California state law, there are programs that can help debtors with certain debts like utility bills and mortgage payments. It’s a good idea to explore these government programs before filing for bankruptcy.

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