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Our country is currently suffering through some of its most traumatic and turbulent times in history. The global pandemic has not only struck the most vulnerable of us with a deadly illness, but has also created one of the worst recessions ever experienced. Many individuals and families are falling behind on mortgage payments for no fault of their own. The last thing you and your family need on your mind during this catastrophic time is to worry about unpaid bills, but debt collectors are there to remind you that if these payments are not made, they have the power to strip you of your home.

When the terrible threat of foreclosure is made, many people are frightened into believing that there is nothing else they can do to prevent their houses from being seized. However, The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm is here to tell you there is hope. Our reliable foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles are determined to help you avoid foreclosures and the loss of your home.

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What To Do If You Receive a Notice of Default
The moment you notice the foreclosure letter in your mailbox, you will probably be filled with dread and fear. Even if you are behind on a few payments, a mortgage company has the right to seize your property if you owe a payment. In addition to a mortgage company holding onto your house for a certain amount of time, lienholders actually have the power to sell off your home to pay the rest of the mortgage, leaving you and your family without a shelter over your heads.

If you receive a notice of default:

  • Review the information carefully to ensure the information is accurate
  • Contact the lender to discuss your options for paying off the balance
  • Contact a foreclosure attorney if you are having difficulty repaying the debt and to explore potential foreclosure defense options

Resolving Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy
One of the best ways to resolve foreclosure is by turning to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are an individual or a family desperately seeking to keep your house, you can find financial freedom through various bankruptcy options.

The immediate benefit of applying for bankruptcy is that you can receive an automatic stay. An automatic stay instantly stops creditors from attempting to repossess the home you have worked so hard to own. Creditors are banned from hassling you with phone calls, emails, and letters, or even pursuing litigation. During the extra time you receive through an automatic stay, you can either live rent-free or figure out a loan modification at a lower cost with your lender.

Other Advantages of Applying for Bankruptcy
There are several advantages of applying for bankruptcy, in addition to the automatic stay. This is of course dependent on the income you currently have, as well as the most recent amount of your family’s expenses for living. These only consist of unsecured debts, which are bills that are not attached to a solid, single entity.

Some of the unsecured, nonpriority debts you can discharge through bankruptcy include:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card balances
  • Personal loans
  • Private education loans
  • Cell phone bills

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Applying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a great benefit for you and your family, and it can give you a clean start that you need to gain financial independence. In order to navigate the complex application process, you can rely on our knowledgeable foreclosure lawyers in Los Angeles.

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