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In these turbulent days following the deadly pandemic of COVID-19, it is very difficult to find a well-paying salary, let alone hold onto one. If you are one of the Americans fortunate to keep a job during these disastrous times, however, this does not necessarily mean you are safe from financial hardship, especially on account of something called "wage garnishment."

When you are having your wages garnished by a creditor, this means that a debt collection agency can automatically take a large portion of your paycheck. This can have serious consequences in both the short-term and the long-term, and is often not a helpful solution for actually paying back your loans.

If you are facing the problems associated with losing your wages before they even appear in your bank account, it is important to immediately contact our wage garnishment attorneys in Los Angeles. Our dependable team at The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm can effectively and empathetically advise you in solutions for avoiding wage garnishment.

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Negative Effects of Wage Garnishment
We are used to taxes being taken out from our salaries, or portions of our income going into future investments like Medicare. Wage garnishment is another matter, however, as a large chunk of your income simply disappears into the hole of paying back your creditors. The problem is that even though wage garnishment can take a large part of your income, it does nothing to actually decrease the initial amount owed, nor does it alleviate high rates of interest.

There are several other disadvantages of wage garnishment as well, including:

  • Increased Possibilities of Termination: Wage garnishment does not just affect you and your family but also your employer. Employers are in charge of making the actual deductions from your paychecks, so having to go through the complex process of wage garnishment is just another burden for your employer to deal with. Missing a single garnishment payment will be blamed on your employer, which is why many employers resort to terminating their employees with garnishment orders. You cannot afford the anxiety that your job may be on the line when you are already facing the stress of paying back debts.
  • Decreased Credit Scores: Wage garnishment also goes onto your public record, which is problematic because it means that agencies for credit reports also have access to this record. Any debt defaults, including wage garnishment, will reflect very negatively onto your credit score.

What Are My Rights If My Wages Are Being Garnished?
Wage garnishments occur when a creditor requests a court order through a judge to have your employer withhold a specific amount of your paycheck to send directly to the creditor. This often continues until the debt is paid off. However, there are limits to wage garnishment orders, and you do have rights.

Some limitations for wage garnishment orders include:

  • Creditors must obtain a court order to garnish wages. You must also be notified that your wages are being garnished.
  • Different types of debts have a cap on the percentage of disposable income that can be garnished.
  • Certain income such as Social Security of Veterans Benefits may be exempt from garnishment.
  • You have the right to dispute a wage garnishment with the court. You can present arguments on why you need more of your wages or if you qualify for an exception.
  • You cannot be fired because of wage garnishment for a single debt.

If you need help protecting your rights and fighting back against a wage garnishment order, contact our attorneys immediately for help.

Wage Garnishment Relief Through Bankruptcy
One of the most advantageous methods of stopping wage garnishment is through filing for bankruptcy. The way that this works is that as soon as you file for bankruptcy, one of our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys at The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm will give a notice to your creditor’s lawyer, stating that you have applied to stop wage garnishment. After your creditor’s attorney has processed the notification, all the parties will be informed that you no longer need deductions taken out of your paycheck.

Remember that the more quickly you file, the more likely you can retain your income. If you immediately contact our wage garnishment lawyers in Los Angeles before your salary is actually garnished, the early filing date means that all money can be returned to you.

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