Bankruptcy Attorney in Upland

The Turoci Bankruptcy Firm has been proudly serving our beloved clients and guiding them through bankruptcy since 1993. Todd Turoci is an accomplished bankruptcy attorney with 30 years of experience practicing in the Upland community. By concentrating on this difficult but essential area of law, he has aided countless companies and individuals. Mr. Turoci is constantly studying new methods to help his clients, and he has a lot of experience in all areas of bankruptcy law. Meredith Jury joined our efficient team after more than 20 years of experience as a bankruptcy judge. Together, Turoci, Jury, and their staff form a powerhouse team that knows exactly how to support and guide clients through any financial trouble or civil litigation matter. Our outstanding paraprofessionals, who we believe to be the greatest in their industry, perfectly round out our team.

Our locally owned and operated firm is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. We are uniquely suited to walk with you and support you through a very tumultuous and stressful situation because we are your neighbors in Upland. A reputation of excellence precedes us, and we welcome the chance to demonstrate to you how we differ from other bankruptcy law firms in Upland. Reach out today to arrange a free consultation with a knowledgeable and approachable bankruptcy lawyer at the Turoci Bankruptcy Firm, whether you have already made up your mind and are prepared to begin the bankruptcy process, you have started your research but need assistance moving forward, or you are simply wondering what course of action is in your best interest.

What Are the Chapters of Bankruptcy?

Although the term “bankruptcy” is well-known, few people are aware of the many chapters or what they each involve. Each chapter differs from the others in its own particular ways, and some are submitted more frequently than others – for example, the two most prevalent chapters are 7 and 13. Your knowledgeable Upland bankruptcy attorney will help you determine which chapter makes the most sense for you, but it’s still important to know the differences for yourself.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You can eliminate debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy by relinquishing your possessions or other assets to your creditors. Regardless of whether you’re having difficulties paying your medical bill, utility bill, personal loan, civil court judgment, credit card, rental lease, or collection agency debt, this type of bankruptcy permits you to fully eliminate your debt. When you’re drowning in debt and don’t have a clear plan to escape it, declaring bankruptcy probably looks like a great option. However, it’s crucial that you work with a skilled Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney who can assist you with the process. There are a number of things to keep in mind, and some borrowers may be able to opt for a different approach to debt relief rather than filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can quickly grow exhausting. Petitioning is the initial step in the procedure. This document contains comprehensive details about all of your debts and assets. Your debt should be forgiven within three months of the court hearing with your creditors, during which a trustee will speak with them and work to protect your assets. All of your debts will be eliminated after your bankruptcy is complete, so you will no longer be liable for them in any way. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will guide you through each step of the process, go over all the advantages and disadvantages with you, and assist you in determining whether or not declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right plan of action for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your first step should be finding a certified bankruptcy specialist who can advocate for you along the way. You will also need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who will fight for you and your assets, not simply allow you to succumb to the ruthless actions of debt collectors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put an end to creditor harassment, allow you to pay debts off over time, put an end to foreclosure, and allow you to get rid of burdensome debt so you can put the past behind you.

There are several steps involved in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your trustworthy Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will be by your side for the duration of the process, helping with everything from gathering financial data to submitting applications to presenting in court and more. Your educated Upland bankruptcy lawyer and our hospitable staff will address all of your worries and provide you with all the support you require, and we won’t let you get bogged down in the legalese and paperwork involved with bankruptcy. We genuinely want to help, so we won’t let you feel anxious, helpless, or confused.

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

During a Chapter 9 bankruptcy, an entire group of people, or “municipality,” seeks to reconstruct the management of their debts. In most cases, debts can be repaid or refinanced with the help of deadline extensions. There are situations when the principal amount or interest may also be decreased. With this kind of bankruptcy, your assets won’t be taken away, and everyone in the impacted town, school district, tax district, city, or county will be allowed to jointly seek legal counsel in order to establish a workable solution to repaying and managing debt.

The process of declaring Chapter 9 bankruptcy and escaping your debt burden might be challenging without the help of an adept bankruptcy attorney. Only after specific conditions have been met – such as confirmations of repayment and a debt management plan, official court confirmation that the securities will legally satisfy your debt obligations, and receipt and disbursement of the deposit by an agent designated by the court – can debt be discharged. This multi-step process can be made simple, manageable, and uncomplicated when your trusted Chapter 9 bankruptcy attorney from the Turoci Bankruptcy Firm becomes your advocate.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is only suitable for a particular kind of business owner. This kind of bankruptcy may be your best choice if you own a family-owned farming or fishing operation. Families and individuals can create a sound plan under Chapter 12 bankruptcy that consolidates debt over a longer time period with manageable payments. Threats of repossession and creditor calls will stop after the bankruptcy is over, and all unpaid debts will be erased, enabling a new beginning. Considering that only a very small percentage of business owners qualify, a knowledgeable Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine your eligibility.

It might be challenging to know where to begin when you decide to explore bankruptcy, particularly if you are simultaneously managing a difficult fishing or farming business. Allow your Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney to do the heavy lifting for you by responding to your inquiries, assisting you in determining whether to file, and assisting you through each stage of the bankruptcy process until you are on the path to financial recovery.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Certain companies and people may be eligible to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to divide their debt payments into more manageable amounts or extend their payment plan without having to sell off their assets. With this type of bankruptcy, the debtor can keep their freedom and their possessions while still effectively managing their debt. Because filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be challenging and time-consuming, you need the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is unlike any other type, but the best bankruptcy attorney near you will be right there to explain everything you need to know. With this type of bankruptcy, obligations are restructured to make them more manageable for your company. Although the process might seem easy and uncomplicated on the surface, there is actually a lot of debt restructuring and planning that must take place. Getting help from a qualified Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney is essential, because we will be able to advise you, help you with the process of organizing and gathering information, work you through filing a bankruptcy petition, and guide you through the entire bankruptcy process – which includes meetings with creditors, proposals for reorganization plans, hearings, initiation of payment plans, and finally, getting back to your everyday life.

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